Our Story

Once upon a time Charlie booked the Rare Bird Distillery Gin School class for her and her fiancé Jamie to go to on date night. Just a few days before they had found out Charlie was pregnant, rather than make a gin to open that night they decided to call the gin ‘September’ and didn’t open it until after George was born (which was very tough for Jamie). After the class Jamie couldn’t stop talking about how great it was, but how much better it would be to be able to make the gin school travel to venues, they were planning their wedding at the time and due to their love of gin thought it would be excellent entertainment for their guests and so the idea of The Mobile Gin School was born.

With a newborn baby, moving house and planning a wedding the thought of looking into the feasibility of a mobile gin school put the dream on hold. Charlie and Jamie decided to continue with the gin idea for their wedding and have Rare Bird re-create their September gin, however, Charlie had lost the recipe (blaming baby brain) so they decided to go to the gin class again and have a competition to see who could make the nicest gin (it was Charlie) and that was turned into their favours. The dream of The Mobile Gin School was back, and they decided to look into it, learning that although it would be difficult it was possible. After their wedding they got to work forming The Mobile Gin School. Jamie and Charlie spent time trying gins from all over the world looking for unusual botanicals to try. They read deeply into the history of gin and its changes over the years and across countries. They purchased their own 2.5l copper still so they could make their own gins often gifting them to friends and family and teaching them the different smells and tastes from the botanicals they have used. They loved teaching people the history of gin as well as the different methods of distillation and how botanicals work together. They continued doing this until they started The Mobile Gin School and were able to pass their knowledge onto many people, sharing what they have learnt over the years. From originally planned to be wedding entertainment to now offering custom bottles and zoom gin classes The Mobile Gin School is continuously evolving and growing.

At The Mobile Gin School we know there is no clean cut definition of a gin lover and the flexibility of The Mobile Gin School makes creating gin accessible to the masses. There are many benefits to a gin school attached to a distillery, we have attended many (if you’re ever near Malton go to Rare Bird, you won’t be disappointed) but there is always the need for a designated driver. This is where The Mobile Gin School comes in, book for date night or a dinner party, get to know your neighbours and have a class at your village hall, entertainment for weddings or even wedding favours, make work events more fun or have a one on one zoom class, the possibilities are endless. Here at The Mobile Gin School we want to help people unlock their GIN-spiration