Bespoke Gin Bottle

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Unlock your GIN-Spiration

Your bespoke gin creation can contain up to 10 botanicals. Nearly all gins start with Juniper, Coriander and Orris Root, so your base has been pre-selected with these 3 botanicals to ensure the best possible results.

You can choose up to 7 botanicals from the groups below.
Think carefully about what might go together as complimentary flavour combinations, or let us help you by contacting us. 
Here's a rough guide to help you:

 “FLORAL” Gin:  1 Citrus, 3 Floral, 2 Spice and 1 Herb

“SPICY” Gin:  1 Citrus, 3 Spices, 1 Herb, 1 Fruit, plus 1 extra from any category

“CITRUS” Gin:  2 Citrus, 2 Spice, 2 Fruit, plus 1 extra from any category

“FRUITY” Gin:  1 Citrus, 2 Fruit, 2 Spice, 1 Floral and 1 Herb

“HERB" Gin:  1 Citrus, 2 Herb, 2 Spice and 1 Fruit

If there is a botanicals you would like but don't see on our list, please contact us.  We are always adding more and would value your feedback.

Due to the bespoke nature of the each bottle, please allow us up to 14 days to prepare and dispatch your gin. As each bottle is unique refunds will not be possible unless there has been an error on our side, to reduce the risk of disappointment contact us if you’re not sure how your flavours will blend before you place your order. All gin is made to 40%ABV.